Keshar (کشار)

Tehran, IRAN

Bouldering in keshar-e Sofla rock climbing crag
Hiking & Bouldering
170 $
15 Routes 15 Boulder
Routes List
  • Province
  • Nearest City
    Tehran (32 km)
  • No. of Routes
  • Activity
  • Best Season
    Spring, Autumn
  • Type of Rock
    Lime Stone
  • Facilities
    Camping & Tent instalation, Parking, Water fountain
  • How to get there?
    Drive 40 min from Tehran
  • Hiking Time
    35 min

About Keshar

Where ıs the Keshar Boulderıng zone:

KESHAR is one of the most popular bouldering area in Iran and a must to visit place for every climber. Located in North-West of Tehran –Sulqan Kan.
More than 50 boulder problems have been currently opened up to now. Their difficulty ranges from 6a to 8b+. The type of rock is limestone and the height of routes rarely surpass 6 meters.
Spread on a broad and beautiful pasture, the area is unbelievably eye-catching in spring. What make it a popular for climbers of all levels are its easy accessibility, short distance between the problems, and variety of forms and movements in routs. 
The best season to visit is from March to June and September to October. Since the neighboring valley make a corridor for the breeze coming from the snowcapped peaks of Alborz range, early mornings and afternoons in summer would also make you a perfect climbing day. 

Where ıs the Keshar Boulderıng zone:

Keshar Sectors

Above the Teravers zone

The Teravers zone

Below the Teravers zone

Keshar Routes

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