Baraghan (برغان)

Tehran, IRAN

Erfan Hamidi on Iran Swiss Route, 2020, Photo by Milad Jenab
Rock climbing in the cave of Baraghan crag
Lead & Sport Rock climbing
250 $
20 Routes 20 Sport
Routes List
  • Province
  • Nearest City
    Tehran (45 km)
  • No. of Routes
  • Activity
  • Best Season
    Spring, Summer
  • Type of Rock
    Lime Stone
  • Facilities
    Camping & Tent instalation, Parking, Water fountain
  • How to get there?
    Drive 20 min from Karaj
  • Hiking Time
    25 min

About Baraghan

Baraghan Climbing Site :

Baraghan village is one of the most important and charming tourist attractions of Alborz province, west of Tehran. 
Plenty of well-bolted routes have been opened in the area, ranging from very easy to difficult cave roofs requiring years of experience, perseverance and obsession. Therefore, while the area offers a handful vertical simple routes for even first-timers, there are routes with grades above 5.14 which make room for extreme climbers. 
Since the overhanging roofs are a good place for birds to make nest in spring, it has been alleged among the local climbers to avoid climbing routs located near the nests so that the birds looking forward for hatching are not disturbed. 
Many climbers have difficulty finding areas in which suits they can both climb and their family can enjoy a nice outdoor day. Furnished with high trees and clear streams, Baraghan may serve you both ends and your kids and family would enjoy a nice day on trekking tracks or cycling on the river bank. 

Baraghan Climbing Site :

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