About Iran Rock Trip


"Iran Rock Trip" is a database of classified information and pictures for introducing areas of Iran wherein potentiality of extreme sports exists. We have benefited the help of professional and experienced athletes in gathering the data. 
We are still thriving to develop our sources in exploring excited areas and guiding you through such locations. 
Our objective is to provide the athletes with the database by means of they can travel to sites appropriate for their favorite sport. 
Believing in the individual capacity of Iran’s vast and various nature, we made it our mission to introduce the areas of Iran suitable for adventure to the athletes across the world so that they can travel here and enjoy a fantastic trip.

We operate under the trade name 'Iran Rock Trip', our company is named 'Sira Safar Iranian', which is licensed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts of Iran

Meet Our Team

Hesam Mousavi
Elnaz Rekabi
International Rock Climbing Advisor
Hamid Habibzadeh
International Advisor
Erfan Hamidi
Climbing Guide & Trainer
Erfan Sedighian
Climbing Guide