Azgi Sport Climbing zone (منطقه سنگنوردی ازگی)

Tehran, IRAN

lead & sport climbing in Azgi rock climbing zone
170 $
28 Routes 27 Sport
Routes List
  • Province
  • Nearest City
    Tehran (20 km)
  • No. of Routes
  • Activity
  • Best Season
    Spring, Summer
  • Type of Rock
    Lime Stone
  • How to get there?
    with car

About Azgi Sport Climbing zone

Azgi climbing area

This climbing area is the closest spot to the Tehran with super easy access. 
This area, is mostly suitable for sport climbing and you are guaranteed to find plenty of safely bolted and thoroughly cleaned routes which may fascinate both beginners and intermediate climbers. The difficulty of routes ranges between 5.9 and 5.12c. Up to the date, 24 sport climbing routs of first length and 4 multi-pitch walls of second length have been opened.
Azgi offers a long line of limestone cliffs which are easy to recognize while driving in the area. Due to high risk of rock-fall on the cliff face, wearing a helmet during the climb is highly recommended.  
The fact that the wall is stretched from east to west  makes Azgi an all year round climbing zone. You only need to find the best time of the day for climbing each rout.
Also the area may be found interesting by cyclists, paragliders and anyone looking for a nice place to spent holiday in. 
The following must be heeded by the visitors: 
-  Azgi is not suitable for camping and no spot has been predicted for camping in the zone.
- There is no parking and you have to park your car on the side of the road.
- There is no store in the area and you have to purchase whatever you may need  before entering the main road (adjacent to the gas station)

Azgi climbing area

Azgi Sport Climbing zone Sectors


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