Band-e-Yakhchal bouldering zone (بند بخچال)

Tehran, IRAN

Bouldering in Bande-Yakhchal Crag near Tehran
Hiking & Bouldering
200 $
18 Routes 18 Boulder
Routes List
  • Province
  • Nearest City
    Tehran (3 km)
  • No. of Routes
  • Activity
  • Best Season
    Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Type of Rock
    Lime Stone
  • Facilities
    Camping & Tent instalation, Parking, Water fountain
  • How to get there?
    with car
  • Hiking Time
    1 hours

About Band-e-Yakhchal bouldering zone


Band-e-Yakhchal can be considered the oldest rock climbing area in Tehran and has many routes for bouldering and sport climbing for any grade of climbing. 

Band-e-Yakhchal is Tehran's rock climbing paradise also the oldest rock climbing area that is located in the north of Tehran - Darband - in the north of the village of Pas Qala. 
The access road to this attracting rock climbing area starts from Sarband Square and extends from the side of Telesij (a lifting vehicle like Telecabin) to the intersection of Band-e Yakhchal. Continue at the intersection from the right, in the low-slope footpath area. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants on the both of pathway, after passing by all the cafes, you will be at the beginning of a relatively steep forest, which is about 30 minutes away from the beginning of the rock climbing area.

Band-e Yakhchal has what you expect from a rock climbing area (various sports, boulder and wall routes) and it can be said that it is one of the best areas for training and practicing climbing. The rocks in Band-e Yakhchal are hard external igneous rocks. 

Band-e Yakhchal, Iran's largest developed bouldering area, is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. The best season for climbing is spring, fall and summer with the right choice of time and the right rock. In fact,

From the car park to the beginning of the Band-e Yakhchal climbing area, you will have about an hour and a half hiking and mountain climbing.

Some routes of the Band-e Yakhchal crag are classified in terms of grade and type along with the video of their ascent. you can see them at the end of this page

Albert Stone in the Band-e-Yakhchal rock climbing Zone

Band-e-Yakhchal bouldering zone Sectors

Above the football field

Football field

Down the football field

Band-e-Yakhchal bouldering zone Routes

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